Co-ordination of Supports (COS) - Team

There has been significant movement in our COS team in recent weeks with Mitch Stoddart and Karyne Button being appointed as Co-ordinator of Supports for St Michaels.

After two years as Merton House Team Leader, Mitch has accepted a new position as Co-ordinator of Supports at St Michaels. For the past two years, Mitch has led the team at Merton House. During this time, we have seen considerable improvements in the participants’ routines, demeanours and quality of life.

Although Mitch is sad to leave the team at Merton, he is looking forward to still being a part of their journeys in a different way.

Karyne has worked in the disability sector for over 20 years and for a number of different organisations. Karyne’s experience includes managing supported accommodation houses, along with community participants, day placement programs and respite services within the Launceston area.

Karyne is looking forward to being part of a team of people who strive to assist others to enhance their independence and achieve their goals. Karyne is excited at the opportunity to work for an organisation who are open to fresh ideas and treat their team as equals.

Congratulations to you both.