St.Michaels understands staff, participants and our community may feel nervous due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The staff, participants and community are at the front of mind for St Michaels, and we are following the announcements from the government and making any changes as necessary.

As you may be aware, the Federal Government has shut down “non-essential” services as coronavirus cases skyrocket around the country. Australians have been asked to stay at home except for buying supplies, food, medicines, or to go to work. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has effectively placed the country into near-total social shutdown, announcing sweeping new measures to battle the coronavirus pandemic.

Social distancing measures have also been increased, with the Prime Minister telling Australians to stay at home unless it’s absolutely necessary.

The government has also “strongly encouraged” people to work from home.

Visits to your house should be kept to a minimum and with a very small number of guests. The prime minister told Australians to “exercise their common sense” in determining the size of these gatherings.

Over the course of the week, St Michaels have been meeting with the relevant organisations to discuss issues such as:

  • PPE Allocation – We have made contact to reserve equipment from the national stockpile
  • SIL Providers growing pressure to service community access as they are closing slowly
  • Day Services Closures and the impacts to them as SIL providers are deciding not to allow participants to attend (some without discussion)
  • Availability of COVID19 tests for providers
  • Workforce shortages and flexibility, and how we can ensure that staff who have been affected by closures are supported

St.Michaels is doing all in its power to ensure the safety of staff, participants and the community, we are working to best practise and following the necessary guidelines on the disease. Due to this, the following decisions have been made.

Non-essential activities such as our Saturday Night Social Club and Wednesday Night IHTS Club dinner will be closed until further notice. At this stage Tuesday Night games night may stay open, pending isolation and infection control or Government advice. We will advise once a decision has been made.

The following sites are still in operation:

  • Chant Street
  • Newstead
  • Devonport

We are working with staff to ensure that Social Distancing rules are being applied, and implementing strategies such as staggering lunch breaks and other gatherings.  

Staff are also undertaking infection control such as regular 20 second hand, and anyone who has travelled are following self-isolation and have been cleared to come back to work once completed. 

We are working with staff to ensure that we have availability where required, and I thank staff for cancelling their leave and providing us feedback to ensure we can plan for any future Government announcements that may take place.

St Michaels will look to update you with any new regulations or decisions as they are made. If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch.

Please be safe, ensure social distance, keep your hands to yourselves and wash regularly for 20 seconds (I am).

Kind Regards,

John Gilpin