St Michaels Training cleaned up at the Tasmanian Training Awards held in Hobart on Friday 10th September 2021.

Not only did St Michaels Training win the 2021 ReadyTech Training Provider of the Year award but CEO, John Gilpin was awarded the 2021 Trevor Leo Medal for service to the VET sector in Tasmania.

John’s nominator Steve Noone, Director Medecs Learning said: “It has been my good fortune for 15 years to observe a Chief Executive who has put the vocational development of people (staff and clients) at the heart of the transformation of St Michaels to a leading provider of disability services in Tasmania”.

John says “I am proud of the nomination and to be acknowledged for 25-years’ service to VET and I am humbled to be in such good company. I truly believe the real difference that we can make with VET is empowering the learner.

“This is evidenced by our approach at St Michaels, to ensure the learning meets the needs of the learner and to be flexible enough that it can help them achieve their goals”.

Congratulations to St Michaels Training and John for their outstanding achievements in the VET sector in Tasmania.

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