“We are pleased to share with you this fantastic achievement by one of our participants, Aron. It is outstanding to see this young man, who came to us confined to a wheelchair, calmly relaxing and paddling through the water with minimal support. It goes to show that with the right tools and plenty of encouragement and support we can assist others to make great strides towards developing their independence and increase their quality of life. Sincere appreciation goes to support worker Adolphus Hill who has been supporting Aron at the swimming pool for many years. Aron was once hesitant to step foot in the water and would not stray from the rail, so to have captured this moment of Aron swimming with such confidence is truly something to celebrate. The determination and effort from our support workers here at St Michaels allows us to assist participants to achieve their goals. Thank you Adolphus for capturing this moment! We hope to share more great outcomes for our participants in the future.”