St Michaels’ Hall at the Newstead campus was transformed on Wednesday 16th June 2021 into a COVID-19, Pfizer vaccination hub for participants and staff. We have waited many months and there were numerous delays from the Federal and State governments with the COVID-19 vaccination rollout. Once Aspen Medical was appointed our vaccination hub came to fruition.

Aspen Medical’s professional and calm medical team vaccinated 22 participants and 22 staff members in a well-organised, low stimulus environment.

Any anxiety was alleviated by the peaceful space that was created by St Michaels’ staff. Whilst participants waited their allotted 15 minutes observation, they could colour-in, create art or play a mini-board game. “We wanted the space to look friendly and inviting, so we decorated the hall with balloons and streamers to make it look less clinical. We also spaced out appointments by 20 minutes to create a low stimulus environment for our participants”, says Stacey Tweedale Media, Communication & Member Coordinator.

There are two more days of administering the first dose and then in three weeks, the hub will be reinstated in the hall to administer three rounds of the second dose.

“We have worked with Aspen Medical to create a vaccination hub for our North West participants and staff at our Devonport campus on Wednesday 30th June 2021 for the 1st dose and Wednesday 21st July 2021 for the 2nd dose”, said CEO John Gilpin.

We have limited appointment times still available at the Newstead campus for the first dose on Friday 25th June and the second dose on Friday 16th July. If you are interested please contact:

Staff: Waqas Fayyaz via email

Participants: Stacey Tweedale via email or call either of us on (03) 6331 7651.